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Hi, I’m Matt

In the past four years, I’ve empowered individuals on stages and in personalised sessions, guiding them to reclaim their power, strengthen their minds, and foster emotional resilience. Yet, my journey into the realm of human potential started over a decade ago after a life-altering near-death experience.

Struggling with deep depression, PTSD from a violent home invasion, and a turbulent lifestyle, I found myself at the edge. A car crash, miraculously surviving, made me realise that I was the source of my suffering. However, the turning point was discovering I could do something about that. We all have the power to build resilience, reshape our brains, infl uence genes, and transform wounds into wisdom.

For five transformative years, I pushed my physical and mental boundaries, swimming with icebergs, solo-trekking harsh terrains, sailing across the Atlantic, working in refugee camps and living off-grid in a tiny mud hut for a year. This real-world testing not only helped me overcome personal struggles but also provided a blueprint to assist others in elevating their lives, achieving success, growth, and visionary leadership.

My mission now is to help you master this field and surpass self-imposed limits. By optimising potential, unlocking your mental prowess and developing genuine confi dence, remarkable transformations unfold. Together, we can play the game of life at an exceptional level, achieving extraordinary results.

I look forward to our collaboration and witnessing your journey toward greatness.


My Accreditations

Certified NLP, Transformation & Negative Emotion Therapy Coach

with The Transformation Coaching Academy

Licensed Brain Health Trainer

with world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen - works with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Bella Hadid, Steven Bartlett and many, many more.

Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialisation

with internationally esteemed Dr Martin Seligman & leading resilience expert Dr Karen Reivich

DNA Analysis Practitioner

with DNAlysis & DNA Life

Internationally Certified with the ICR

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