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A Cape Town-bred Medical Biochemistry Honours graduate, Jess stepped out of her comfort zone at 22 after many years of depression, anxiety and self-doubt to answer the persistent question “Who Am I?” and discover a life that was meaningful to her. Four years of travel from the Northern Lights of Norway to volunteering as a clown in refugee camps in Greece taught her that when you open your heart to life, anything is possible. She wholeheartedly believes that developing resilience allows us to experience life more fully and it is her passion to help others to see the tremendous beauty in themselves and live extraordinary lives filled with significance. She is dedicated to this purpose and has since begun a journey in Positive Psychology, as a yoga teacher, lay counsellor and a Transformation and Resilience Life Coach.


Matt lives his life like it’s one great adventure. After getting his degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, he worked in both the advertising and film industry for several years but struggled to find meaning and purpose in what he was doing. After battling with severe depression and hitting rock-bottom, he decided to recreate his life in his mid-twenties. He’s since made it his mission to live his life to the fullest and help others to do the same. He thrives off a good challenge and isn’t scared to push his physical and psychological boundaries for the sake of curiosity and deeper understanding, which has led him to swimming with icebergs, hiking thousands of kilometres in some of the world’s toughest environments, sailing across the Atlantic and living off-grid for a year. These experiences have taught him that the more we expand our comfort zone and the more resilient we become, the better able we are to connect with life and truly flourish. He’s excited to share what he’s been learning in Positive Psychology, resilience and Transformation Coaching with those who are ready to embark on life’s most fulfilling adventure – that of discovering oneself.

On a personal note

Welcome to the Ultimate Adventure!

Between the two of us, we’ve trekked thousands of kilometers through some of the most remote areas of the world, dived headlong into cultures completely different from our own, hitchhiked through challenging environments like the Arctic Circle in winter and had our hearts and minds completely opened to the world by gratitude for the encounters we’ve had along the way. We’ve been deeply moved by the power of the wilderness and adventure, coming to the same conclusion independently: when you open your heart to life, anything is possible.

Overcoming grueling challenges and developing self-efficacy on our adventures culminated in our mutual passion for resilience and tools to boost mental health and wellbeing; inspire joy and openness to life; and use each obstacle to our advantage to bring the best of us to life. With our combined experience exploring the internal landscape and the deep desire to help each person thrive by appreciating their unique strengths, we’ve created the Resilience Program and taken the journey to become certified Transformation Life Coaches. We want to show you that change IS possible and that we as human beings are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We have enormous untapped reservoirs of strength within us and if you feel like there must be “more to life” – it’s because there is! You just have to go beyond your fear to find out what treasure awaits you there.

Discovering this and living it isn’t a destination but a process, or what we like to call The Ultimate Adventure – the journey of self-mastery and realisation that we take each day. What we’d love most is to walk alongside you on this adventure! The process of growth and self-exploration doesn’t have to be a lonely, treacherous and arduous experience but an invigorating, revealing and life-affirming odyssey – one you’ll never regret taking.

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Why the hummingbird?

In Brazil, the hummingbird is called a ‘beijaflor’; “beijar” meaning ‘to kiss’ and “flor” meaning ‘flower’. When we transform ourselves to fulfill our potential and unleash our personal power, this is when we are able to kiss the flower of life – to open our hearts and engage with it fully. This is where powerful living begins!

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