Mini Coaching Bundles

High impact mini coaching packages to meet you where you are right now.

Go from struggle to strength

More confidence and higher self-esteem

turn up your confidence

set goals & clarify your direction & purpose

manage stress & anxiety

deepen your connections

boost energy & motivation

experience more peace & joy

Pick Your Package

Feel like you fall into more than one category? Don’t see your issue mentioned here? We’ve got you covered! We tailor make our packages to suit each person’s needs.





What you’ll get


5 x 1.5-hour sessions tailored to your needs.


Guided support + the opportunity to feel seen, heard + understood


Our favourite tools to help you feel stronger in yourself, more alive, in control and unstoppable in your pursuits.

Who’s this for?

This bundle is perfect for you if you want… 

  • A quick boost in resilience and confidence for yourself or your teen.
  • Some support achieving goals, getting through a rough time or overcoming a particular struggle.
  • To arm yourself with tools and strategies to tackle anxiety, stress or depression.
  • More clarity, energy, joy and courage in your days.
  • To get on board but are not ready to commit time or finances to the 14-week program.

How does it work?

Sessions are scheduled according to your pace – once a week for five weeks or once a month for five months. Sessions are either in person or online. 

How do I get started?

Schedule a free introduction session!