Take a Sneak Peek Inside Our Resilience Program...

Of course you want to know what you’re in for before committing yourself to a 21 hour program! So here’s a summary of what you can expect on our journey together. Remember that we’ve designed this life-changing program to be personalized and tailored specifically to you and your needs. It’s practical, profound, deeply introspective, challenging, engaging and guaranteed to help you change the way you see yourself and the world around you!

The six pillars

The program is created around six pillars that, when further developed, lead to you becoming more emotionally, psychologically and physically resilient so that you can thrive during challenging times and bounce back quicker and stronger than before in the face of adversity. They are:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Meaning and purpose
  3. Energy management
  4. Inner drive
  5. Flexible thinking and adaptability
  6. Positive relationships

Mission Objectives

Each week, you’ll have a set of awesome ‘Mission Objectives’ to complete that will help you integrate everything we covered in that week’s session to make you unstoppable. Some weeks require more work than others so we recommend you set aside 30 mins – 1 hour a day.

As your coaches and undying fan-club, we’re here to support you throughout this process but it’s important to note that you’ll get out what you put in. We can’t do the work for you, but we’re so confident in our program that we guarantee results if you’re willing to do the work!

Each pillar and the topics within them are presented in a way that inspires deep reflection and introspection and promotes profound insight into oneself. For many, this will be the first time these questions and ideas are explored leading to a rich and rewarding process of self-discovery. The outcome? Better skilled and more masterful sailors on the choppy, unpredictable seas of life. We discuss these in more detail below!

Setting the Route

Session 0: Introduction

This session is all about setting the route. In the Curiosity Call you will have given us an overview of the sort of struggles you have and the outcomes you want, and this is where we dive a little deeper. What do you want life to look like exactly? What are your current strategies?

Pillar 1: Fundamentals of Self Awareness

The development of self-awareness is a consistent theme throughout our program but here we establish the basics.

Session 1 – Moving from Victim to Hero Mindset

In this session we dive into exactly what it means to be the Hero of your life story and how you can become it. We all have strategies for how we interact with the world to get what we want but here’s the thing – they’re not always effective! Becoming the Hero of your journey is about no longer playing small, hiding from your potential, making excuses about why you’re not living your best life and taking full ownership and responsibility for who you are, where you are and where you’re going. Every person has had to / will have to endure hardship and even trauma. But instead of playing victim to it, Heroes choose to rise above it by becoming stronger, wiser and more benevolent. Their suffering and hardships are what made the greats who they are and yours are will make you one too – if you allow it to!

Session 2 – Becoming Your Thriving Self

What does your Thriving Self look like? If you were fulfilled, what would you be doing? Instead of the familiar past creating the predictable future, you’re breaking free from that limiting pattern to be redefined and drawn forward by the possibility of an epic future; one where you’re the best version of yourself – your Thriving Self. We explore what this looks like and what you can begin to do to move one step closer to this new reality.

Session 3 – Emotional Mastery

Ever feel like you’re in a tumble dryer of emotions everyday? What would it take for you to drive your emotions instead of them driving you? This is the key to Emotional Mastery and the importance of developing Emotional Intelligence vs. focusing only on IQ. We look at which emotions you experience most with particular focus on what emotions are holding you back from living a joyful, peaceful fulfilling life and what you can begin to do to change this.


Pillar 2: Meaning & Purpose

Each of us has something special to offer the world; something nobody else can and in a way unique to us. When we discover this, it brings fresh vitality, focus and deep pools of strength we can tap into during challenging times. Research has concluded that finding meaning in our lives and in adversity is a key pillar to resilience and wellbeing.

Session 4 – Living in Alignment

This powerful session is about discovering what’s meaningful to you and how you can best live in alignment with it. When the life we’re leading isn’t congruent with our Core Values, we will always be in perpetual conflict and miss out on the opportunity of leading a deeply satisfying and fulfilling life. In this session, we find out how you can put an end to this conflict and disconnection and begin living a life with a greater sense of focus and purpose.

Session 5 – The Meaningful Life

Here we bust the myths holding you back from discovering your Reason for Being and we look at what a life of purpose actually looks like for you. You will walk away from these sessions with a better understanding of what your gifts are and how to bring them into the world, how valuable you truly are to this planet, how worthy you are of the life you’ve been gifted and how deserving you are of a happy, fulfilled, successful life. And you will have a secret formula to carry with you each day that will help to ensure the rest of your life is a meaningful and purposeful one!

Pillar 3: Energy Management

In this pillar we look at what it takes for you to become the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) of your body. In order to endure and persevere when times get tough and in order to create the life you most desire and make a difference in the world, you need energy. Lots of it! And you need your health. The quality of your life = the difference between your good habits vs. your bad habits. In these two sessions we look at the best practices elite athletes and the most successful entrepreneurs rely on to ensure peak performance and optimum wellbeing. We then look at what tiny tweaks you can make to begin instilling the habits that supercharge your system and letting go of the ones slowing your mind and body down. Remember, as Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Session 6 – 10X Your Energy

If excellence is a habit, then what are your current habits? In this session we take a closer look at the concept that garbage in = garbage out / goodness in = goodness out. We’ll dive into what the latest research says about nutrition, exercise, rest and rejuvenation and what tiny tweaks you can make to create sustainable, long-term changes that results in EXCELLENCE!

Session 7 – Recharge to Supercharge

One fundamental and often overlooked area of supercharging your energy is SELF CARE. This looks different for everyone because it’s based on what we enjoy. That’s right – you actually need to do more of what you love in order to energize you! It’s critical. By taking care of yourself you give your subconscious mind the message that you are worthy of your own care. For this reason, self care is one of the most fundamental contributors to your sense of confidence. Here we look at what self care and enjoyment means for you and how you can start to incorporate this into your life more!

Pillar 4: Inner Drive

It’s all good having dreams, ideas and lofty visions but without action, they’re just delusions. During this pillar, we focus on motivation and how to stay fired-up and charging towards our goals especially when we least want to. What is a crucial factor that separates the Mandela’s, Gandhi’s, Oprah’s, Musk’s, Williams Sisters and other Greats from those who never quite make it? Their dedication to their vision and their motivation to continue pursuing it even when the odds are against them. What would your life look like if you were fueled with those same levels of motivation?

Session 8 – Tapping into your Superpowers

In this session we’ll discover what superpowers or Character Strengths you can begin to leverage in order to bring more energy into your days and experience more flow and engagement in your activities.

Session 9 – Becoming Limitless

What are the major culprits sapping your motivation levels and how you can break through the limiting story you’ve created about yourself and begin unleashing your potential into the world? Here’s where you really begin to realize what you’re truly capable of!

Pillar 5: Flexible Thinking & Adaptability

 Flexible thinking is a characteristic of high-level resilience and is our ability to view things from multiple perspectives and to find alternative approaches to the challenges and changes we face in our lives. Flexible thinking and the ability to adapt quickly and skillfully to change gives us a greater sense of control and therefore a greater sense of psychological wellbeing.

Session 10 – Mindset is Everything

Here we take a deep dive into how we, as humans, perceive the world around us and what you can do to hack your perception and develop an unshakeable mindset, or Hero’s Mindset, that will ensure a successful, fulfilling, joyful life.

Session 11 – Mental Jiu-Jitsu

This marks the beginning of the process of thinking like a Jedi. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, anger or severe fear, you don’t want to miss this! We share with you the main thinking traps that warp and distort our perception, which ones are tripping you up in particular and sending you on a plummeting downward spiral, what you can do to avoid making these mistakes and how you can start using your mind to serve your highest purpose instead of it constantly working against you. Are you ready to say goodbye to self-sabotage?

Pillar 6: Positive Relationships

The greatest predictor of a person’s wellbeing is the strength and quality of the relationships in their life and a massive predictor of a person’s ability to cope during the most challenging of times is the amount of social support they have. This pillar is so important, we could easily create its own program around it. And we’re going to! For now, we’ve compiled a short, punchy crash course, which we adapt to suit your personal relationship goals and wishes.

Session 12 – Thriving Relationships

This session will set you up with some of the most up-to-date evidence-based tools and techniques that will allow you to create flourishing relationships that add to the quality of your life. We also share one particularly powerful tool – possibly the closest thing to a silver bullet for creating Thriving Relationships – that will help you take your relationships to another level. You won’t believe how often you make this mistake and the damage it causes and how simple it is to put the magic solution into play in your everyday life!        

Final Session

Session 13 – Creating Your Own Resilience Plan

Over the three months we work together you will have begun to develop a much deeper understanding of yourself, create new empowering habits that will help you take your life to a whole new level and let go of those limiting habits sabotaging you from connecting with what makes you great. In our final session, we tie up our time together and everything we’ve learnt to prepare your very own Battle Plan going forward into the world. This includes an Emergency Plan you can rely on to unleash your personal power, bringing you strength and balance in times of crisis or severe stress, allowing you to recover and bounce back quicker and stronger than before. Most importantly, it also includes your personalised Daily Resilience Practice, which will fuel the intentional development of emotional, psychological and physical resilience so you can become your Thriving Self and begin creating a life you would happily live a million times over.

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The development of resilience is not a sprint or a quick fix. It has no final destination – it’s a process that’s ever-flourishing once you begin to intentionally nurture it. That’s why we call it a journey! It’s about developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship with life, walking the path of self-mastery and becoming skillful travelers along Life’s Greatest Adventure – living our own life to its fullest expression.

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