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Empowering teens with the fundamentals to protect their mental health and succeed in the “real world” – vital skills they won’t learn in the average curriculum.

South Africa is experiencing a mental health crisis and our teens are not prepared for it.

They’re at an age where psychological vulnerabilities are starting to show up. But research shows that it’s also an age where the smallest interventions to improve their wellbeing have the biggest impact on the trajectory of their lives.

There’s a massive gap in the education system where the skills to improve mental health, manage stress, build resilience, understand emotions better and enhance wellbeing – the skills for teens to truly flourish into the best version of themselves – are not being taught. 

Our vision is to equip as many teens and young adults as possible with tools and strategies from the Science of Wellbeing that enhance mental health and build resilience, giving them a better shot at living successful, fulfilling lives. 

There are 4 ways we can further fuel the flourishing of students: 



Delivering talks at schools that normalize, destigmatise, educate and inspire the students followed by a Q&A. Our talks are engaging, delivered with energy and we meet your teens on their level. We discuss real problems that they’re struggling with and share real solutions to some of them too.



Holding workshops that focus on specific topics students are struggling with e.g. anxiety, poor self-esteem, negative thinking, building habits etc.


Group Programs

Facilitating group programs where we help up to 10 students per group implement research-based skills and strategies that build their resilience and wellbeing over an 8 week period.


1-1 coaching

It’s an in-depth, truly transformative, 14 week personal development program tailored specifically to an individual student’s vulnerabilities and struggles. It’s been described as life-changing by almost every single one of our clients AND their parents! 

Are you a teacher or a parent interested in getting your school to host us?

Download our info PDF on school talks and send it to your school counselor or principal!