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The transition into young adulthood is an exciting but challenging time of life, especially for teens dealing with depression and anxiety. These challenges can be debilitating with real consequences. It is not uncommon for even the brightest teens to feel lost or overwhelmed during this phase, which can lead them to feel like their emotions are out of control, struggle to connect with their friends and family, lose focus and motivation, withdraw into their rooms, social media or video games, and feel as if no one understands them. For some teens, even the smallest challenge can be a trigger. But whatever difficulty your teen may be experiencing, there is hope.

Give them the best chance of flourishing by investing in their resilience.

It’s the peak age when most mental health disorders arise. It’s also one of the most important times to begin building resilience.

“Mental health is the biggest threat in 2021” – SA Society of Psychiatrists

75% of mental health conditions start by age 20, most undetected and untreated.
9% of all teen deaths are caused by suicide. It’s the third leading cause of death in 15- to 19-year-olds globally.
• Since our first Covid-19 lockdown, 52% of South Africans have reported being depressed.
20% of teens aged 13–18 years live with a mental health condition.

“Now is the most important time to focus on teen mental health.” – Discovery SA

The teen years are an important time for achieving human potential and Covid-19 has made the challenges these already difficult years carry, even harder. Our teens need more support and guidance to help them grow through the obstacles they face, instead of being stunted by them.

Why resilience?

Resilience is our ability to rise above life’s obstacles and to bounce forward from adversity. The more resilient your teen is, the more they’re protected against stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addiction – even (and especially) if it’s genetic. The best part? Resilience is not just something we’re born with. It can be learnt.

According to research, the benefits of resilience are impactful

Clearer sense of purpose and meaning in life
Clearer sense of purpose and meaning in life
Increased motivation
Increased motivation
Improved learning and academic performance
Improved learning and academic performance
Improved immunity and vitality
Improved immunity and vitality
Healthier relationships
Healthier relationships
Less anxiety & depression
Less anxiety & depression
Better stress management
Better stress management
More confidence and higher self-esteem
More confidence and higher self-esteem
Greater satisfaction with life
Greater satisfaction with life

"Something that every human should have in order to overcome challenges and lead a fulfilling life."

Does this sound like your teen?

What Parents Have To Say About Us...

Flourish & Thrive's Ultimate Resilience Coaching Program For Teens

Rest easy knowing you’ve given your child the best head start to a secure and happy future

"Incredibly life changing..."

How does it work?

Our program draws on several techniques and exciting fields of psychology, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools; evidence-based exercises from Dr Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology (the science of wellbeing); and the latest research in neuroscience to bolster your teen’s resilience and enhance their wellbeing. But perhaps the most important aspect is the quality of support, rapport and trust we work to cultivate with our young clients as we explore both their strengths and struggles. Acceptance and compassion are at the core of the work we do as we guide and encourage teens to step out of their comfort zones and develop coping mechanisms.

We focus on these core areas to help your teen:

Fundamentals of Self Awareness

Learn about their mind, developing brain and how to cope through challenges, fear and discomfort. This promotes greater self-acceptance and understanding.

Purpose and Meaning

Become clearer about what they value, what gives them a sense of purpose and set meaningful goals. This improves self-confidence, motivation and their ability to persevere during challenging times.

Energy Management

Better manage their energy levels to sustain mood, focus and concentration. We help them understand how their lifestyle affects how they feel everyday and improve their nutrition, exercise and sleeping habits.

Flexible Thinking

Learn the art of mental Jiu-Jitsu - the ability to view situations from multiple perspectives, avoid thinking traps that cause anxiety, fear and depression and gain a greater sense of control over their life.

Inner Drive

Leverage their signature Character Strengths, combat negative self-talk and build on their self-belief to improve their self-esteem, confidence levels and motivation.

Positive Relationships

Build on their ability to connect, communicate and understand how their behaviour positively or negatively influences those around them and vice versa.

What's Included

Parent Gems

Stay up-to-date every step of the way!

One of the key features that further separates us from other practitioners is our specially crafted Parent Gems.

Because we know that parents need support too, following each session, you will receive an in-depth PDF document packed with the key bits of knowledge, wisdom, strategies and exercises your child is learning about and implementing – whilst respecting their privacy.

It also contains research-backed ways in which you can support them on their resilience journey and better connect with them so you can both enjoy a healthier, more loving and stable relationship.

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Why Flourish & Thrive?

"We were so lucky to have found this programme. It has been invaluable and will continue to benefit her throughout her life. We can't thank you enough."

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Jessica Sjouerman & Matthew Furlonger

With us, your child is not just another client. We’ve struggled with many of the issues we see in our young clients so, for us, it’s personal. It’s taken us 10 long years of studying, discovering and testing different tools and strategies. Now, we want to provide our support and guidance and share everything we’ve learnt about building inner strength and resilience so your teen can go from struggle to strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In life, we’re all bound to face storms along the way. We can’t avoid these challenges and we can’t predict them all either. We can prepare for them though! And when it comes to our mental health and that of our loved ones, we’re all about prevention being better than cure. Research shows that as we develop in resilience some of the benefits we can expect include:

  • Improved learning and academic performance
  • Greater chance at leading a successful life
  • Better stress management
  • Improved immunity and longevity
  • Lower rates of anxiety & depression
  • Greater satisfaction with life
  • More confidence and higher self-esteem
  • Healthier relationships
  • Increased motivation
  • Sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Book a free Curiosity Call and begin the journey of setting your teen up for a thriving life of success and fulfillment! 

Simply put, absolutely! The program is tailored to their specific needs keeping it as relevant and engaging for them as possible. And if they’re willing to put in the time to implement tools and exercises we provide them with every week and you’re willing to help keep them accountable, you can expect to see your child begin to truly flourish.

We know that 13 weeks is a big time investment but we want you to get the absolute most from your investment and for your teen to take away every bit of goodness this program offers. After all, old stifling habits aren’t broken overnight and new empowering ones picked up the next day.

Over the duration of the course we’ll be walking alongside your teen while they integrate the tools, habits and lessons in each of the six pillars that make up Ultimate Resilience: self awareness, meaning and purpose, energy management, inner drive, flexible thinking and positive relationships. We coach them to put what they’ve learnt into practice and convert it into lived or experiential knowledge – a.k.a. wisdom.

Please note that we conduct a strict vetting process to ensure this program is suited for your teen.

  • Ultimate Resilience requires active participation and full commitment. If your teen refuses to be a willing participant in the process, it will not work.
  • We cannot work with teens who are not coachable. It doesn’t work when holding sessions online.
  • Ultimate Resilience is not a substitute for clinical treatment. If your child is in serious need of proper treatment e.g. untreated eating disorder or drug addiction, recent suicide attempts and active self-harming, or shows serious defiance and opposition towards “authority” figures; we will not work with them without them first receiving the necessary professional care.
  • This program is best suited for people above the age of 16 unless special arrangements are made. This will depend on your teen’s levels of interest, willingness and maturity. We’ve worked with tweens as young as 12 and seen some phenomenal results!

If you’re still not sure,  book a free 30 min Curiosity Call with us, bring your teen along and we can discuss their challenges and frustrations and what it is they most want for themselves. From there you will know whether we’re a good fit for your teen or not.

The Curiosity Call is a friendly, no-strings-attached call so just get in touch with us. Otherwise, feel free to message us.

Our sessions are a safe space for your loved one. So, unless we believe there’s any cause for harm, our meetings are 100% confidential.


Because of COVID-19, the Ultimate Resilience Coaching Program is best conducted online. However, if you’d like to have face-to-face sessions we can make an arrangement.

Our program does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders. The focus of our program is to assist in the development of your child’s internal resources so as to promote resilience and ultimately their well-being. The greater their resilience, the more protected your child is from stress and mental health related issues and the more equipped they are to overcome them or cope with them. If your child is already seeing a therapist, this program is a fantastic supplementary course to further support their growth!
Absolutely! We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to join. The Ultimate Resilience Coaching Program can be paid in two installments. The first installment is to be paid before the first session and the second installment before the seventh session begins. This gives you at least seven weeks between the two installments. If it’s more convenient, we can discuss a three-part installment plan too.

Our intention to provide as much value as possible and honour the process of change in your teen is unquestionable. We put our all in ensuring they achieve the results they’re looking for but we unfortunately cannot guarantee them 100%.

This is a simple case of if they do the work; it will definitely work for them. However, we have no control over what they do outside our sessions, whether they show up to our sessions on time and whether they choose to do the work or not.

Building resilience is an active process and requires consistent long-term participation. If you are both committed to the process, you can expect to see tremendous results that will help them lead more successful, happier lives and benefit them all the way into their old age!

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