DNA-driven for a more personal & precise approach to peak performance.

There is no one-size-fits-all

when it comes to bringing potential to life. That’s why Flourish & Thrive has partnered with global leaders in genetic testing – DNAlysis and DNA Life – to bring you a more tailored optimisation service.

No more wasted time

and second-guessing what you can do to improve your resilience, unlock more energy, protect yourself from burnout and ensure you’re producing at an extraordinary level.

These tests are for you if you want to:

Discover your personalised, high-performance resilience strategy based on your unique genetic blueprint.
Up to 80% of your resilience is inherited impacting whether you thrive or dive in high-pressure situations. By knowing your unique genetic code you can leverage your strengths and overcome biological barriers making you vulnerable. Based on your DNA, we provide you with personalised mindset, diet, nutraceutical, exercise and lifestyle recommendations to bolster your resilience and improve your performance.
DNA Mind is tailor-made for individuals facing challenges like anxiety, depression, addiction, cognitive decline, or mood regulation issues, especially if there’s a family history of mental health concerns. By taking this test, you’ll gain insights into how your genetic code and environmental factors influence your risk of developing a mental health disorder. Discover actionable steps to safeguard yourself, enhance treatment approaches, and proactively prevent the onset of various neurological disorders.
Embrace a more personalised approach to bolstering your mental wellbeing by better understanding your unique genetic makeup.

How does it work?

We’ve made the process as simple as possible for you to experience life-long benefits.

STEP 1: Order your test and we will send a kit to your home anywhere in the world.

STEP 2: Collect your DNA sample using the test kit sent to you.

STEP 3: Sample is sent to the laboratory and your report sent to Flourish & Thrive within 21 days.

STEP 4: Explore your DNA. You’ll be notifi ed once we’ve received the report to set up a consultation.

Ready to unlock your DNA for unstoppable performance?
Genetic and Personal Performance Report
2hr Strategy Session to discuss your DNA Signatures, DNA Boosters & Busters, Map out your resilience and performance battle plan
30-minute follow-up session to make sure you’re on track and on fire
The Performance Enhancing Foods Cheat Sheet - boost tolerance to stress, energy, memory, rate of learning, focus, longevity & mood
List of top 16 natural Brain Boosting Nootropics for a limitless mind
The Secret Guide to Build and Keep Peak Performance Habits During Stressful & Busy Times
6 Feel Better Fast Techniques
A printable Heroic 100 streak counting calendar to keep you stacking your wins long after our sessions
Can’t decide which test to get? Get both for only $594 and save $400!

Every second not knowing your unique genetic blueprint is a second wasted living below your potential. How much is that costing you at work and home? Get the upper hand by investing in yourself today.

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